Since 1990 it is about 34 years hands on working experience with the both private and public sector organizations as Main Contractor or Sub-Contractor in the field of Major Foundation Building and Civil Engineering Construction works like:
•  Geo technical Investigations.
•  Site preparation and mobilization.
•  RCC Cast in-situ boring and casting.
•  RCC Pre cast pile making and driving.
•  Batter Piling.
•  Sheet Piling.
•  Sand Piling.
•  Timber Piling.
•  Jetty Construction.
•  Static Load Test of bored piles.
•  Low strain Pile Integrity Test (PIT).
•  Dynamic Load Test (PDA Test)
•  CSL Test.
•  Earth Work and Excavation
•  Bridge, Big Foundation and Civil construction work.
•  Construction of Roads and Highways

LPC continuing the Pile Construction & Pile Related Tests are as follows:

•  LPC offers Design, Construction and Consultancy for both Cast-in-situ & Pre-cast piling work
•  LPC owns 20 nos. Piling Rig for Cast-in-situ piling work by Percussion method.
•  LPC also offers Cast-in-situ piling using RCD Rotary Method & Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig.
•  LPC offers Hydraulic Static Pile Driver (Silent Driver) for pre-cast piling.
•  LPC offers Pile Integrity Test, Static Compressive Load Test, Static Tension Load Test, CSL Test & Lateral Load Test for both Cast-in-situ & Pre-cast piles.

Besides, we are able to draw upon the full depth of experience and engineering knowledge to develop the most innovative and cost-effective solution to our client’s for any foundation problems.

If you have any query regarding foundation problem or any technical assistance, please contact us without any hesitation. We are always ready to be at your service.