Man behind the Machine is also a very important factor for successful completion of any such projects. LPC has long experienced team of manpower in different categories and positions. Right at this moment a total of 350 staff members of different positions are working as permanent staff. Let’s have a look at the human resource status of LPC at a glance:

                                                               COMPANY STAFF AND EMPLOYEES
Sl. No. Descriptions 
 Person Status
1 Director 02 Regular
2 GM 01 Regular
3 Chief Engineer 01 Regular
4 Manager 02 Regular
5 Accountant 02 Regular
6 Consultants 04 Regular
7 Project Manager 06 Regular
8 Assistant Engineer 10 Regular
9 Sub-Assistant Engineer 20 Regular
10 Safety Engineer 04 Regular
11 Supervisor 10 Regular
12 Foreman 40 Regular
13 Dealer/ Mechanics 80 Regular
14 Skilled Worker 150. Regular
15 Semi-Skilled Worker 200 Regular





Out of the permanent staff members LPC have a long list of skilled and non-skilled workers working as weekly, daily and no work no pay basis.